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Sekirei Pure Engagement 10-13 and batch

This was a fun series to work with. I do hope they make a third season and the second season sold well enough so it’s definitely possible. There is always the manga if you don’t want to wait. You can … Continue reading

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Witchblade 04-06

I’m really likening the openings of Witchblade and Sekirei Pure Engagement. Video: 720p @ CRF 16 (10-bit) Audio: Japanese track: AAC 2.0, English track: AAC 5.1 Subs: R1 (modified), Elysium (OP/ED) Torrent

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Sekirei Pure Engagement 00-02

Rejoice dub lovers, I bring you Sekirei season 2 in dual audios. This is the last of my “ecchilicous” projects. This anime bring more than just fan service to the table. It has good battle animation, the plot is going … Continue reading

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Witchblade 01-03

The theme of the next trio of retro projects is, “Ecchilious”. First representative, Witchblade. List of why this anime is awesome: -Rihoko-chan is so cute. -Sexy, yandere chicks. -Mamiko Noto is being a total badass. -ED completely sung by Mamiko … Continue reading

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