Witchblade 01-03

The theme of the next trio of retro projects is, “Ecchilious”. First representative, Witchblade.

List of why this anime is awesome:

-Rihoko-chan is so cute.

-Sexy, yandere chicks.

-Mamiko Noto is being a total badass.

-ED completely sung by Mamiko Noto

From those points, I concluded Witchblade is a fabulous combination of Usagi Drop and Queen’s Blade, hence why this anime is encoded.

The script need quite a bit of work (especially the timing), so I’ll release them in small batch of episodes like this to keep myself motivated.

By the way, the source is a mess, it’s all because Funi went full retard when making the master. Thankfully, they stopped doing that after enough fans complained. I salvaged what’s left, but I can’t magically restore the lost details./rant

Comparison ; see the improvements?

Video: 720p @ CRF 16 (10-bit)

Audio: Japanese track: AAC 2.0, English track: AAC 5.1

Subs: R1 (modified), Elysium (OP/ED)


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18 Responses to Witchblade 01-03

  1. Messy says:

    Yep, i was wondering when it would be uploaded ever since i saw that witchblade header ^^
    I’ll assume it’s better than the Elysium version i’ve got, thanks.

  2. daniel says:

    Are you guys doing to be doing UN-GO, and if you are, can you guys use Commie subs

    • takatin9 says:

      IF I’m doing Un-Go, I’ll use Commie of course.

    • Messy says:

      Why would you archive UN-GO ? One of the worst shows of the season.
      Instead, i’d like someone to pick up Baku wa Tomodachi ga Sakunai, Chihiro’s version is disappointing.

      • takatin9 says:

        I found Un-Go to be one of the best show of the season, I like the creativity and the setting of the show. Kira is doing Hanagai, I’m waiting for their version.

        • Messy says:

          Kira, really ? Well, i’m not asking for ANE to pick this up but still.
          The thing with UN-GO is that i’m pretty sure i won’t remember it in a few months. Sure it was creative but the plot wasn’t going anywhere. Most of the time the episodes seem like fillers. I was interested in Inga but she was almost never shown, most of the time it’s just “hey give me an answer. kthx”. Seriously ? …
          The last few episodes were ok but before that it was just boring and repetitive.

  3. takatin9 says:

    @Messy, who else going to pick up Hanagai? Hopefully, Kira will edit and typesets Mazui script. I don’t know about their video quality through.
    For UN-GO, I agree with your points, it won’t be a memorable anime but I never watched it for the characters. Overall, it was a pretty weak season (still not as weak as this one).

    • takatin9 says:

      Come to think of it, I never watch one of the Kira’s releases, except the TV version of Manyuu Hikenchou.

      • Messy says:

        They’ll probably use share-raws without filtering anything. Let’s just say that I don’t usually keep their version.
        This season there’s always Chihayafuru (and the second half of Guilty Crown isn’t as bad as the first one for now), Nisemonogatari and PapaKiki are pretty good too.

        • takatin9 says:

          Oh my…hopefully someone pick up Hanagai than, it deserves a good version.
          I count Chihayafuru as last season and I’m not grinding through Guilty Crown so they can troll me later on (I can still remember how Code Geass trolled me). I’m not watching Nise since I haven’t watch Bake (yet). I’m liking Natsume (of course), Milky Holmes and the 3 sci-fi of this season through.

        • Kenji Harima says:

          @Messy and takatin9: You guys could get Haganai from Yousei-raws. They are providing the subtitles. What source? Hmmm, I don’t know… but they seem good to me. I like their Raws, because the video bitrate is always bloated with love (~1.5 GB). Yep, if you don’t like big file sizes, then it may not be for you…

  4. Omega_Weapon says:

    yo bro, why you even wasting your time doing Witchblade when over 6 groups already did it in BD quality? To each their own I guess…

  5. Rilkar says:

    Are you going to do the Dog Days BDs? Hiryuu only released the first four episodes.

  6. Dan Den says:

    Thank you very much for this epic series, great job on the video quality and for the dub. Can’t wait for the next set.

  7. amen665 says:

    lol @ the comparison. XD

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