Sekirei Pure Engagement 10-13 and batch

This was a fun series to work with. I do hope they make a third season and the second season sold well enough so it’s definitely possible. There is always the manga if you don’t want to wait. You can read it here. I can’t wait for the first season to come out and work on it.

Starting next week, Basilisk.

Video: 720p @ CRF 16 (10-bit)

Audio: Japanese track: AAC 2.0, English track: AAC 5.1

Subs: Ryuumaru, Chihiro (OVA)


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8 Responses to Sekirei Pure Engagement 10-13 and batch

  1. miracles says:

    Is season 1 sekirei not come out / released?

  2. Dave Justice says:

    Hey mate, I realise I’m a bit late in asking this but could you please add Chihiro subs as a secondary sub track for the whole series? Pretty please? With a catgirl on top? Not only does it add consistency with the ova but Chihiro did a pretty good job with this series. They were more literal than the more liberal Ryuumaru but they had good flow nonetheless and having both in one package would be awesome. Sometimes I feel like wordy, literal subs and sometimes I feel like more relaxed, liberal subs so I like to switch. I’m bi-subual, heh ;P.

    Also, Chihiro’s Bluray batch was mostly mistake free while Ryuu got a little sloppy with their QC later on. Did you QC Ryuu’s scripts or are they as is?

    Basically, I’d like to get the definitive release of Sekirei Pure and Liberal Ryuumaru + Literal Chihiro + Signs track + Dual Audio + Great Encode = BOSS AS FUCK.

    I can offer you my undying gratitude and/or a delicious sandwich as incentives. The sandwich may or may not be a lie 🙂

    • takatin9 says:

      No, as I usually don’t do dual tracks as it’s a QC hell (in this case it would be quad tracks), especially not when a project is already done. I don’t like literal subs too, so it’s a definitive no.
      As for Ryuumaru subs, it was left as is.

  3. Dan Den says:

    Thank you very much Mr. takatin9 for the second season of this marvelous master peace, your work is greatly appreciated.I look forward to your future dual audio releases.

  4. kniteowl says:

    Do you guys have any plans to do a Sekirei season 1 encode?

  5. jacobswaggedup2 says:

    Update XDCC?

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