Gundam Build Fighters 01

[Zurako] Gundam Build Fighters - 01 - Sei and Reiji (BD 1080p AAC) [29FC9832].mkv_snapshot_10.19_[2014.11.06_14.20.17]

My favorite Gundam series and mecha designs since Stardust Memory. It’s a really fun show so give it a shot if you haven’t already.

Video: 1920×1080

Audio: AAC 2.0

Subs: Sage


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7 Responses to Gundam Build Fighters 01

  1. andy says:

    it’s awesome u guys doing this

  2. scrub says:

    Ah~ It’s so big~ W-will it fit onii-chan~?

  3. lasercatfast says:

    Please continue with all of the episodes and also do Build Fighters Try!!

  4. nks says:

    Finally! Thank you!

  5. stardrago says:

    Say, by any chance you think you could do a 720p format later, if not then perhaps you could redo the first episode with another raw; someone from the svmsvm1212.blogspot has already uploaded the first 4 episodes of the show in BD format and the files are under 900mb for a 1080p format, also perhaps you could also include the track used by AG(anime-gundam) sub group as well.

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