Utakoi Vol. 1

[Zurako] Utakoi - 01 - Takaiko and Narihira - Yukihira and Hiroko (BD 1080p AAC) [6D04A9CE].mkv_snapshot_12.00_[2014.10.18_14.37.38]

Another series that I wanted to do since it aired. As usual, I used the latest CR scripts as they made a few changes. OP/ED translations taken from Whynot.

Thanks to Golo for styling the OP and ED.

Video: 1920×1080

Audio: AAC 2.0

Subs: CR


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3 Responses to Utakoi Vol. 1

  1. Kaisa says:

    You are a God-send. There will never be enough thanks for this.

  2. Gucio says:

    Interesting choice, any other plans besides?

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