Busou Shinki


This series was a hidden gem from last year. I wanted get it out earlier this year but stuffs happened so this was delayed until now. Now I can continue to work on my backlog and hopefully pick up something new after that.

Video: 1920×1080

Audio: AAC 2.0

Subs: Commie

torrent / xdcc

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12 Responses to Busou Shinki

  1. Habe says:

    Been waiting for so long. Yay! thanks!

  2. pentiumvi says:

    Pardon my ignorance, but will you be providing a torrent link? Or is xdcc the only download method you are supporting. Thanks!

    • takatin9 says:

      I don’t have a seedbox, so xdcc would be the only download method right now. I wouldn’t mind anyone making a torrent if they can seed it.
      Scratch that, I got a seedbox now so I’ll be providing a torrent as I upload them to my seedbox.

  3. Gucio says:

    Glad to see you’re back, any chance for kyousougiga BDs?

    • takatin9 says:

      Very likely considering it’s my anime of the season, but the series is not over yet. Japan can still pull a shitty ending out of its ass.

      • Dannphou says:

        Any other BluRays you plan on doing? Who’s subs will you be using for KyousoGiga?

        • takatin9 says:

          My plan now is to finish SRW. I don’t know which sub I’m going to pick for Kyousougiga considering I don’t know if I’m going to pick it up at all and we are a half year away from the last volume of the BD so it’ll be in a long time until I start working on it.

  4. Nyann says:

    Thank you for the release. I wonder if you please provide Flac audio too?

  5. Senthen says:

    I love your work. I’m wondering if you’re going to pick up Chihayafuru 2 since the BDs have been released, and there aren’t any groups as good as you ;_;

  6. arthursvk says:

    Reblogged this on Ficticio Fansub.

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