To Love-Ru Darkness Vol.6 (1080p)

[Zurako] To Love-Ru Darkness - 11 - What's a Way to Live (BD 1080p AAC) [9645B2D2].mkv_snapshot_19.00_[2013.07.29_21.32.02]

I got tired of my shitty notebook so I built a desktop. I’ll update the scripts and batch this when Pomf does the same for their BD releases.

Video: 1920×1080

Audio: AAC 2.0

Subs: Pomf

torrent / xdcc

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12 Responses to To Love-Ru Darkness Vol.6 (1080p)

  1. anonymouse says:

    Thank you so much. Finally someone who realizes that you can’t make compromises with quality of Momo’s tits. You just made my dreams come true, Now excuse me, I have some fapping to do.

  2. grew says:

    now tell us about the specs of your newly build pc

  3. dhruvsd says:

    Congrats on the new pc. 🙂
    Too bad you won’t do chihayafuru season 2. 😦

  4. Verix says:

    Grats on the computer ! And thanks so much for finishing this series =]
    Looking forward to the updated scripts when they arrive.

  5. flossifer says:

    Thanks for all you’ve done. I’ve got treats from you waiting on my computer for the right opportunity on many a cold winter night ahead. And I very much appreciate the quality of how you do what you do.

    Also, could you pass a message on to Vash? I’m having unusual trouble with his xdcc but I don’t think I can get a voice in his channel. The message:

    “Thanks for your xdcc generosity again, Vash v2!
    Problem: I’ve tried to dl TLR-Darkness (eps 7 and 8 only) 6 times now on different days.
    Each time, 1.2MiB/s until it dies about half done.
    Message: “** Closing Connection: DCC Timeout (180 Sec Timeout)”
    Anything you or I could do about this? –Chatzilla, never a problem before. Thanks!”


    • Vash says:

      Yo Flossifer,

      I double checked packs, both are good. Would you mind telling me what OS you’re running? I am going to try and have some others attempt to dl the eps too and see if they have any issues. I could try readding the packs though idk if it will change anything.
      Also, the reason why I asked what OS was because I have seen some issues before like what you described with large files and xdccing via linux/mac

    • Vash says:

      I rebooted the bot and refreshed the packs too. Please try it again and see what happens and let me know, Also, let me know the OS.

  6. abyhape says:

    someone please seed this. this is the only volume I’ve been looking for.

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