Tamayura OVA


I’m so excited for the 2nd season of Hitotose. The 1st season was one of my favorite series in the past couple of years.

I reworked the typesettings and they are motion-tracked now. The timing and the styling have also been improved. There were a lot of banding in the source, but fortunately, Tamayura is mostly made up of bright scenes so I could deband aggressively without losing too much details. I included the commentaries ’cause they are so adorable but sadly they are not translated.

Video: 1920×1080

Audio: AAC 2.0

Commentaries: AAC 2.0

Subs: Mamiko

Torrent / xdcc

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7 Responses to Tamayura OVA

  1. CP says:

    Not really important, but did you fix our mistake: “That’s not cute” -> “Ain’t she cute”? 😛
    And I’m also loking forward to next season, despite the hole in the wallet the BD will make 😀

  2. Gucio says:

    Thanks, any plans for Hitotose S1 1080p?

  3. GON says:

    I have downloaded this released by Coalgirls.
    I prefer Zurako to Coalgirls because you are in 10bit.
    But I’m worried about what make it different colors.
    Though I have never seen the BD source, your color is a bit green, Coalgirls is red.
    Which is natural?


    • takatin9 says:

      I don’t have the source anymore so I can’t compare but I don’t remember it having a red tint like CGi version has.
      Also, next time you take a screenshot, take it in PNG and don’t use VLC to do it.

  4. oni says:

    In your trivia and notes file referring about episode 1 you said you don’t know what dialect Hoboro lady was speaking. Maybe it is from Osaka, because I think it sounds like it [but I am not 100% sure,I am not a native level japanese speaker] and okonomiyaki is a food speciality from Osaka.
    I tought you would like to know this, anyway, thanks for this release!

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