Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II Vol.1-2

Things to be noted, ncop and nced are spliced in and no honorifics this time around. I included the commentaries but they are not translated as per season 1. I’m v2ing the first season to make the changes mentioned above and to improve/fix various things, though I’m only doing this for the 1080p.

Report any errors and I’ll fix them in the batch.

For my other projects, I’m no longer doing Black Lagoon since I lost interest in it and Aquarion Evol, as you can get it from FFF.

Video: 1920×1080

Audio: AAC 2.0

Commentaries: AAC 2.0

Subs: Commie


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48 Responses to Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II Vol.1-2

  1. Rodo says:

    No 720p Release for Season 2 or is it coming at some other time?

  2. danuchiha99 says:

    So, what’s next on your “to do” list?

  3. jin says:

    OMG thnx u for the hard work

  4. flan says:

    Are you fixing Commie’s script? Like changing clothunit back to crossunite?

    • takatin9 says:

      Can you show me more info about that? I won’t change anything unless I’m convinced that the change is absolutely right.

      • rarely_upset says:
        Official character page, if you can make anything of it. Googling “tenzou clothunit” and “tenzou crossunite” should be enough evidence, though.

        • takatin9 says:

          Considering CR has access to the script and maybe to the studio, I assume the translator would know the right localization of the name.

        • Havoc10K says:

          Localizing a Name of a person is retarded, His name is Crossunite and that’s how it should be presented, I’m used to fixing Commie subs when I archive for myself, and saying CR have some idea about translating is like slapping a donkey in the ass, enjoy the flight.

        • escude says:

          点蔵・クロスユナイト is his name in Japanese. Anyone who knows Japanese well will tell you that クロスユナイト is Crossunite, I mean it’s in katakana, which is used only for loan words. Clothunit is a misreading of what was originally meant in the anime/novel regardless just because of that because the writer chose to use the katanakana for the english loan words cross and unite. Also, if you could also look at the post below the one you linked takatin9, if you want a counter argument.

      • Havoc10K says:

        Commie used Clothunit because they used CR script and were lazy enough not to change ANYTHING at all, their claims to edit was only to I think adding karaoke lol.

        For more information about Tenzou Crossunite refer to wiki

        Could you tell me why you won’t do 720p ?
        If you simply don’t want to could you please direct me at the BD Iso ?
        I’ll do it myself and with not commie subs.

  5. trash says:

    v2ing the first season means just mods on the scripts or reencodes too?

  6. Setsuna says:

    So no edited (added honorifics) Commie this time?

  7. Lynk says:

    Dayum no 720p

  8. takatin9 says:

    Fair enough, I’ll change Clothunit to Crossunite.

  9. ZeroZx says:

    There’s also the inconsistency of Malga’s name being changed from Naruse to Naruze in the subs as the season went on. Naruze is the right one I think.

  10. Havoc10K says:

    Still need reason as to why no 720p

  11. WOOOO says:

    Thank you for all of this man.

  12. rude says:

    Bloated? Zurako, competing against Tenshi of CG?
    Spliced in NCOP/NCED & no honorifics…

    • takatin9 says:

      There is no way I can compete with Tenshi, he mastered the art of bloatness, while I’m still green in that art. I can always crf 10 it to try to beat him though. ( ¬‿¬)

  13. Arishou says:

    I have the Blurays of the second season myself and I have preorded all of the ones (limited edition only though) up to to date and conveniently enough, all of Horizon has already been translated by the Japanese. So if you need accurate referencing for subs (or what they believe to be accurate) you could just look up the official subs.

  14. Anonymous says:

    What heppened to Batch releases only?

  15. Rodo says:

    So is there no chance for a 720p release?
    just wondering.

  16. nate says:

    Really appreciate you releasing the eps dude, Brilliant work

  17. Arashi Yamato says:

    720p where? QwQ

  18. DarkBlinker says:

    So from now on all the release will be in 1080p + AAC?

  19. np says:

    Will you be doing a version with honorifics for the final batch like you did with the first season?

    Speaking in general of Commie (and not Horizon specifically), what I hate about them is that they take CR’s translations and just remove honorifics, like they did with Chihayafuru. I can understand not bothering to add honorifics, but why go through the effort of removing them, in a in-universe setting of Japanese that actually uses them

  20. link says:

    why not make 720p? Need a reason :((

  21. Jeff says:

    I think the fact that he’s doing this, basically as a service for others, while doing it for himself is reason enough. And its already been mentioned that he already stated it was to reduce the workload for him, by sticking with 1 variation of release.

    “I’m changing my release policy for future projects. I will be making only one version, either 1080p or 720p. I need to reduce the workload since I don’t have a team. I will also be dropping flac since it’s huge. I’ll be replacing it with either qaac tvbr q127 or nero aac vbr q0.75 (that is what I’ve been using) so there won’t be any sound quality lost. Those changes are only for future projects as ongoing ones will stay the same to maintain consistency. Those changes are finals.”

    How many times does the man have to repeat himself =/

    Thank you for your hard work mate, it really is much appreciated!

    p.s. Horizon deserves 1080p [for the one that said it doesn’t deserve 1080p :p]

  22. erato123 says:

    I can’t find the audio comentaries for the third episode. Mr. Takatin can you help me?

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