Chihayafuru Batch

A really charming series, I can’t wait for the second season to air.

Episode 01-15, ncop and nced are new encodes, so no patch for them. Patch for episode 23 to fix a line, here.

Video: 1280×720 (10-bit)

Audio: AAC 2.0

Subs: Commie

Torrent / xdcc

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39 Responses to Chihayafuru Batch

  1. Messy says:

    Nice work, i loved this one 😀

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. ChRno says:

    Dude, thanks for this awesome release ! 😀

  4. Verix says:

    Thanks! This series rocks.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a lot! I’ve been waiting for this, can’t wait to finish this great show.

  6. :0 says:

    Umm question

    how much time you going to seed this?

    is it possible to ask from you to reseed stuff later?

    i don’t have enough space atm and i have too many shows :0

    yet i don’t want to lose this one…

  7. :0 says:

    I see

    do i have to get the torrent file from there though? or it be the same if i will get the torrent from here when i will want to dd it?

    • Messy says:

      It’s usually better to use BakaBT’s website because there’s always a lot of people seeding the files. It’s nice to download from the encoder directly when it has just been released, or if the file isn’t on BakaBT yet (it is for Chihayafuru)

  8. :0 says:

    Sou-ka (i see)

    but i will be able to find it without issue? i mean the toral same files?
    do they mention the encoder’s name? just so i will know that i download Zurako encode

  9. :0 says:

    *will i be able

    *the total same files?

  10. Yuii says:

    As you said, Chihaya is a charming series. I really hope you can go on the 1080p version. Yours’ is the best rip on the Internet. What a pity that you drop it on the halfway~~ T_T Thanks and support you forever~

  11. rude says:

    Last 720p release on this blog I think? If so, it was fun.
    Thanks for Chihayafuru.

  12. danuchiha99 says:

    When are we getting Darker Than Black Season 2? and btw THANKSSS?!!!

  13. Kalegrim says:

    Когда последние 2 серии будут?

  14. Jackstick says:

    Do you guys plan to work on Season 2?

  15. luphie says:

    do you have any plan for continue the 1080p version ? >_<

  16. Saten-chan says:

    Will the second season (if you decide to do it) also be 720p?

  17. Slatitariyan Ulsdeidt says:

    Pfft. Patch hosting at minus only lasted 10 months. New subs stream for publication for the 10yr anniversary! Slack now!

  18. kitkat says:

    Will there be a release for 1080 batch?

  19. hurr says:

    I hope you guys plan to work on S2 as well.

  20. bray says:

    Thanks for using commie’s script. I don’t get why a lot of people hate on commie, but their scripts are far better compared to other fansubs.

    Also, AniDB shows that you have released a 1080p version for this series, although up to ep 12 only, and I was wondering when you would be posting info on where we can get that.

  21. Choque says:

    I know I’m late to the party but is there any chance to get the patch for episode 23? the link is down sadly

  22. Ade says:

    Thanks for this good work. Do you plan to do season 2 too?

  23. Kipras says:

    Hi, first of all i would like to say you did a great work on season 1. I want to ask you very much to do season 2 as well, there are already 1080p raws on nyaa.

    Chichayafuru is one of the best anime in the last five years, it is obscene that there are no decent subs and no proper release of Chihayafuru season 2 …

    Please do season 2!!!!!

  24. solunakitty says:

    Thanks for the release; I enjoyed it!

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