Plans for Upcoming Releases (Sequels Galore)

The previous Winter and Spring anime seasons were lackluster for me. So instead of picking up new series, I want to do some older ones. Those are what I plan to release in the next 8+ months.

  • Black Lagoon S1 & S2 (Shinsen-Subs)
  • Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei (WinD)
  • Darker than Black S2 & Gaiden (BSS)
  • Aquarion Evol (gg)
  • Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon S2 (Commie)

Instead of using R1 subs for Black Lagoon, I’m using Shinsen’s since its timing is much better and the editing is not much worse. I’m syncing the English dub so the sub choice doesn’t really matter much. For Aquarion and Horizon, don’t expect any releases until all the bdmv are out. As for Darker than Black, it will be relatively huge because I’m preserving the grains. I advise you to not wait for my releases and get it from someone else if you can’t handle that for whatever reason, I won’t blame ya~

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36 Responses to Plans for Upcoming Releases (Sequels Galore)

  1. sabran says:

    awesome, just rip cg subs for dtb2 ;D

  2. Richybenno says:

    Will you also be doing DtB S1?

  3. razer08 says:

    awesome guys i love y’ keep it on ^^ Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon Higurashi Season 1 right ?? that would be f* awesome : )

  4. egozi44 says:

    you will still put the jap dub for Black Lagoon as well right? :0

  5. FlameHaze says:

    I hope you consider doing a 720 version for Horizon S2. You are the only one that did season 1.

  6. BMAN says:

    Thanks for picking up Horizon Season II.

  7. miracles says:

    Is there any chance you do sekirei?

    I’m waiting from you to do it.

  8. Chee says:

    Hihi Zurako-subs, when you sub Horizon s2 using commie subs, could you resize their fonts or change the font type? I watched a HS and Commie release and the HS subs were much nicer.
    And thanks for doing s2

  9. Messy says:

    takatin, Y U No post more often ? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

  10. WOOOO says:


  11. danuchiha99 says:

    How come your not doing Accel World?

  12. Someone says:

    Someone is doing EVOL! I’ll be waiting for that.

  13. dura says:

    any chance ur doing medaka box BD olso pls
    gr dura

  14. Messy says:

    Hey remember about your plans to do Basilisk ? I just found out that Anime Supreme did it, you might want to download their version for your collection :
    Or ask them where they got their bluray if you still plan to do it

  15. SteppenWolffe says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing the Horizon BDs! I will be anxiously awaiting the second season BDs, I can not wait!

  16. sharm says:

    YES! I’m so glad you’re gonna use commie subs for Horizon II!! Thanks so much and i’ll be waiting!

  17. evizerate says:

    Waiting anxiously for Horizon BD’s, keep the good work guys!

  18. Gucio says:

    Black Lagoon and EVOL are dropped???

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