Spice and Wolf II

Cropping due to the edge discolorations. The R1’s timing was really bad, so I took Coalgirls’/Mazui’s as base. The dialogue’s font has been made consistent with Thora’s season 1, with the size of the font smaller and having more vertical padding.

Video: 1912×1076 (10-bit)

Audio: AAC 2.0

Subs: R1

Torrent / xdcc (alt)

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12 Responses to Spice and Wolf II

  1. inquisitor says:

    What makes this better than the current Yabai version that I have? And how does the overall quality(subs+video) compare to the first season by Thora?!

  2. Miyagi says:

    u just went full retarded right? not enough that there is ZERO relation to thoras s1 , since this is s2 done by someone ELSE than THORA , also there is no reason not to do it in 1080 and make it look good…all u need is someone who knows what hes doing…im gettin cancer when im readin such stupid questions now gtfo rofl

  3. inquisitor says:

    Overall quality meaning the quality of the encode. The (subs+video) meaning editing consistency and video meaning the video-quality since 1080p is an upscale ; Since Thora used Sudo subs instead of R1, R1 was only used for reference.
    Miyagi you need to lay off the booze and start reading some insight-to-miss-phrased-question-books.

  4. Verix says:

    Thanks for this, looking at the screenies, the release looks very sexy.

  5. ChRno says:

    Thanks man. Awesome release. 😀

  6. sabran says:

    awesome and thanks, also inquisitor you should compare the releases for yourself and keep the release you like most instead of asking which is better. ps: iirc yabai had karaoke? and used edited mazui scripts

  7. Another16 says:

    Thanks a bunch guys, it’s great to see this amazing series hasn’t left people’s minds. The fact that they haven’t made a season 3 after all of this time is just criminal. I’ve never seen a more intelligent, witty and engrossing series as this since I’ve watched the previous season.

  8. Jackstick says:

    Will you guys work on Season 1? Yours actually looks better than THORA, and it would be a fucking miracle to have both S1 and S2 from one GOOD group.

  9. dymitr says:

    Any chance we can get a patch to get FLAC audio for this or should I just patch it in myself using a previous release?!

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