Ben-To Batch

I wasn’t happy with my previous encoding of Ben-To as it’s not up to my standard. Instead of being lazy by doing a half-asses release, I decided to re-encoded them all. Everything is new so no patches. I also fix up a bunch of errors made in the previous episodes. Enjoy your new and improved Ben-To!

Video: 1280×720 (10-bit)

Audio: AAC 2.0

Subs: Evetaku (Default track, Picture Dramas)/gg (2nd track)

Torrent / xdcc (Alt)

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28 Responses to Ben-To Batch

  1. Stinky says:

    Hello, what did you improve upon in the video? Better Compression or Video Detail? I Don’t care about size, just quality.

  2. shon says:

    so u drop the 1080p even from the batch? 😦

  3. Pisces says:

    Auwww, this mean i must throw 3.5gb from prev release …
    What ’bout Chihaya ‘n Kyoukai, wiil them get same fate, new encoding ? me die …

    And where your secret project Holmes ??

  4. miracles says:

    Where the project plan to show who you do or do not and I want to ask whether the project was dropped sekirei season 1?

    • takatin9 says:

      That page is outdated anyway. I put my plans in my irc topic. As for Sekirei season 1, it’s dropped for now, maybe I’ll pick it again in the future.

  5. ChRno says:

    Thanks for the release takatin9!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Aren’t there supposed more picture dramas?

  7. Verix says:

    Thanks! Nice to put effort in re-encoding en fixing errors :]

  8. miracles says:

    Can I ask what are your reasons for dropping sekirei season 1?

  9. Josh says:

    I’m curious, your post says no V2s but when I downloaded it, it has almost all V2s.
    Thanks BTW =3

    • Verix says:

      Actually he said no patches, since it’s re-encodes it’s no use making patches (files differ too much). New versions are still v2’s.

  10. J. C. says:

    Disappointed about dropping 1080p, but good job nevertheless. Thanks for your work.

  11. iRoxxor says:


  12. haylazmask says:

    Hello, I downloaded this because I wanted to watch BDrips but my pc can’t play 720p so I couldn’t watch them. Is there a way that I can make these 480p?

    • Verix says:

      First, make sure you have the lowest cpu playback solution, follow guide here: extra step: update mpc-hc and download and install lav-filters from, under LAV only 32-bit video and audio should be installed, 64-bit and splitter isn’t needed. Under “View” -> “Options…” -> “External Filters”, click Add Filter and look for LAV video and audio. On the right, select “prefer”. If you still can’t play 720p, consider re-encoding.

      Easiest encoding without knowledge: download handbrake, drag the video in, select High Profile to the right. Disable detelecine and decomb video filters (unnecessary), select Constant Quality RF, slider to 18. 18=almost transparent from a distance, 16=almost transparent but not quite (at 8-bit), 14.5=pretty much transparent. Lower RF equals much higher filesize though, select as needed. You can preview the settings with the preview button. Select desired audio bitrate in AAC. If the video already has AAC, select AAC Passthru, which will copy the original audio unaltered. Once you have all settings as desired, you can either click “start”, or “add to que” and add more videos one by one (settings will remain) and encode all of them. Encoding takes time. If you don’t want to re-encode each time, it’s time to upgrade/buy a new PC.

    • Verix says:

      Oh right, in the video tab select “None” and 848×480 for 480p re-encoding.
      After the previous steps you’ll have video and audio, playable on all high profile compliant devices (nearly all), but no subtitles. In handbrake you can add the subtitle and select “burn-in” to burn in the subtitles permanently. Otherwise, download mkvtoolnix to merge the subtitles from the original video into the new video, plenty of tutorials online.

  13. haylazmask says:

    Somewhat I can watch the first episode 720p but subs don’t show up properly. e.g. The first line look like 3 boxes. What can I do for that?

    • Verix says:

      Just a guess, but maybe you’re on XP without any asian fonts? Otherwise I don’t really know, I remember I had those boxes in one video out of thousands and it was a problem with how the file was released, but that shouldn’t be the problem here.

  14. gaiar31 says:

    What about picture drama 3-6 ?

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