Kazoku Keikaku’s OP

I decided to sub/encoded this visual novel’s OP on a whim as I was reading it for the past week or so. It was a good opportunity to practice typesetting too, so it was fun. I took the translations from nnl and from bluepenguin.


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10 Responses to Kazoku Keikaku’s OP

  1. doom says:

    umm.. may i ask why you drop the 1080p for Ben-To? 0.0

    i thought that you only do shows in 1080p and 720p no?

    Ben-to was one of the shows i really want to get in high quality : (

    you never said why you even drop it…

    • Verix says:

      He didn’t deem it 1080p-worthy. You could get 1080p raws and mux them with the scripts from his 720p releases if you want 1080p that badly.

      • doom says:

        i really noob when it come to this stuff… don’t have a clue what programs i need to use in order to it.. and how to do it…

        • Verix says:

          First off you need to download his 720p release, since he doesn’t release the subtitles separately. Then go to nyaa.eu and look for “Ben To 1080”. The grey releases are japanese without subtitles, the pink ones are subtitled. Download the 1080p of your choice (zero raws seem OK). Next, look up “mkvtoolnix videohelp”, there you can download the mkvtoolnix tool. Install or download a portable version, and load up mmg.exe; drag in the 1080p file, drag in the 720p file. Check the 1080p video and audio, uncheck the 720p video and audio, make sure the 720p subtitle file is checked. Both might have chapters, only check one chapter file. All the way down you can name the output file. click the bottom left button to start merging: you just combined two releases.

          By clicking on either audio, video or subtitles, you can tweak some more settings; it’s all pretty straightforward.

  2. sdasd says:

    that feel when no anime adaptation

  3. WolfQueen says:

    Is this out as an anime? I searched Nyaa Torrent and only found your torrent for the opening.

  4. WolfQueen says:

    Can you tell me if this has been released as an anime as yet? I searched nyaa torrents for it & came up blank, except for your torrent. It looks interesting will definitely keep my eyes open for this one.

  5. WolfQueen says:

    sorry, didn’t realise the first post worked or I wouldn’t have asked the same question twice (oops!)

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