C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

noitaminA is at it best when they aim at an adult audience and being creative. This anime is a prime example with its ambiguous morality and its creative setting. Please be noted that you’ll need a fairly good processor to not lag in the OP/ED.

( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ \ /\ / \

Video: 1920×1080 (10-bit)

Audio: AAC 2.0

Subs: Whine-Subs

Torrent, xdcc

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14 Responses to C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

  1. miracles says:

    1080p only?

  2. Dark_Sage says:

    I approve of your subtitle choice.

  3. bluefirefox says:

    Any plans for 720p?

  4. tofu-sage says:

    end in wierd way and cause the last hole. who Mashyu really is ? from the ending she surely not his daughter any more because he make decision not to take Hanabi to be his girlfriend. then how he gonna has a daughter with out wife.

    confuse right ?

  5. Fat says:

    finally get to get rid of those PoS doki BDs. thanks man

  6. Dave Justice says:

    By Thor’s mighty hammer, I can’t play this. My poor computer screams rape if I even try. Since a 720p is sadly out of the question could I have your Whine scripts so I can use them with a 720p raw please? Since you’ve timed them for bluray they’d work better than the TV scripts. Sadly, no-one else used Whine’s superior scripts for the C Blurays which was simply a crime against humanity and good taste!

    Also, speaking of Whine and cheese, don’t suppose I could also have the Whine scripts for your Dantalian no Shoka? Please? I will happily slaughter 20 goats/virgins in your name to increase your dark power. See, despite being 720p, for me your Dantalian plays jerkier than an epileptic conga line during an earthquake. Happened with the Coalgirls encode too unfortunately. Too heavy it seems. I don’t think my laptop can handle all DAT GRAIN. Probably because it’s older than the Sandaime’s scrotum but it might also be because it’s STEAM-POWERED LIKE A VICTORIAN BAUS. Science sure is fabulous.

    Anyhow, after much soul-searching I happened upon a much smaller de-granulated release which thankfully doesn’t lag but it also lacks subtitles so you can see my dilemma. Its picture isn’t as good as yours but is still better than TV and I can watch it with relative smoothosity which is nice.

    Hope you’ll consider it, mate. I need your help to make the best bluray experience I can within my limitations.

    Thanks for the Ben-to, I’m very much looking forward to Vol.6 😀

    • takatin9 says:

      No, but you can remux it yourself with mkvmerge.

      • Dave Justice says:

        Aww, buggery. That’s not good. They total more than 30GBs of video together while the subs themselves are only a couple hundred Kbs at most. That’s 30GBs of video I can’t even watch either which is definitely a waste of a capped bandwidth. Damn Kuwaiti censorship, you defeat me at every turn! Oh well, guess I’m screwed 😦

        • Verix says:

          Just in case, here is a tutorial for the lightest playback solution. First go to http://coalgirls.wakku.to/faq/playback/setup-guide-for-mpc-hc-madvr and follow it with the following changes: Go to “View” -> “Options…” -> “Playback” -> “Output”, select “EVR Sync” under “DirectShow Video”, and select “Bicubic A=-0.60 (PS 2.0)” as “Resizer”. Go to “View” -> “Options…” -> “Subtitles”, set “Maximum texture resolution” to “Desktop”, and uncheck “Round up to power of two”. Skip the step with MadVR on a laptop, it’s the best renderer but super heavy.

  7. tfizzle99 says:

    Hey Zurako, how come in the doki version of this anime, it looks sharpers than yours while your version is a lot lighter in terms of texture. Did doki sharpened their version? Also, do you recall the video bitrate you used cause mediainfo only shows the overall bitrate instead of the video bitrate individually. Thank you and waiting for your reply.

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