Ben-To vol.4

Video: 1080p/720p (10-bit)

Audio: FLAC 2.0 (24-bit)/AAC 2.0


Evetaku : Track 1

gg : Track 2

1080p: Torrent

720p: Torrent

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14 Responses to Ben-To vol.4

  1. Daniel says:

    You should do Moretsu Pirates with Commiesubs

  2. Mirmo says:

    Only 720p in XDCC?

  3. asm2090 says:

    Unrelated to the post, may I ask who’s in charge of the bot uploaded content? I’m asking if the person could swap out coalgirl’s massive size 720p Fullmetal Achmist: Brotherhood with ATSA. I found ddl for it but unfortunately it’s on depositfiles which is unbearably slow for me. If you could respond and whether it’s yes or no, I appreciate the response.

  4. gogo says:

    ahh a question..

    do BEN-TO BDs have any changes in the BDs so far ? (unc, tits ,redraw… etc?) or just better quality ? XD

  5. MDH says:

    Yesss! Thank you like always. A question: do you know if there are any more picture dramas beyond the two already TL’d and released?

  6. gogo says:

    i see, thanks 😛

  7. IZEROII says:

    I shall grab the batch

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