Usagi Drop Batch

Usagi Drop was fun and different. Rarely do we get an serious and realistic slice of life these days when the market is filled with moeblob. The anime covered the first part of the manga, you can read the rest here. Honestly though, I can’t wholeheartedly recommend the manga, because of this particular situation (major spoilers).

I didn’t make patches for the first episode and the NCOPs for both resolution because of :reasons: so just redownload those. I added in the missing fonts, made kara fonts smaller and made other fixes.

Edit: Font pack for ep4 here.

Video: 1080p, 720p

Audio: FLAC 2.0 (16-bit), AAC 2.0

Subs: Taka (main), Oyatsu (kara, specials)

1080p: Torrent

720p: Torrent

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36 Responses to Usagi Drop Batch

  1. Alesianduke says:

    Thank you!
    Hopefully they’ll make more anime season and cover the rest of the manga… cause it was great!

  2. Messy says:

    Thank you Zurako ! They sure took their time to upload the bdmv.

  3. Verix says:

    Awesome! I like the smaller kara font.
    Seems like the perfect release now, thanks for your work!

    • Verix says:

      By the way, what’s with the average bitrate instead of CRF values?
      I believe CRF tells you a lot more than what bitrate the encode ended up with.

      • takatin9 says:

        Honestly, both average bitrate and CRF don’t mean much. Posting CRF is meaningless without knowing the rest of the encoding settings and filters used. You can always find out using mediainfo, as I don’t hack out the encoding setting. As for average bitrate, it’s a bit less useless, but it’s still far from ideal. I’ll probably not post either in the future as it’s pretty pointless as you can find out via anidb or mediainfo.

  4. doom says:

    can you plz re-seed Queen’s Blade Utsukushiki Toshi-tachi 01-03 (BD 1080p FLAC)?
    it download really slow for me =( (15 kb- or not download at all…)

    the other Queen’s Blade Utsukushiki Toshi-tachi downloaded for me on 1 mb though lol

  5. doom says:


    so how people suppose to download your stuff after a while? it like killing all of your hard work for nothing if there’s no seeders….

    • takatin9 says:

      I’m already paying the seedbox out of my pocket, I can’t afford to pay more. It will be up to you guys to keep it alive.

      • toma says:

        How bout DDLs? It seems to have settled down… atleast they stopped dropping like flies now compared to a month ago lol.

        • takatin9 says:

          None of them fit all my requirements. It will be torrent and xdcc from now on. It will be great if someone can provide a second bot for the rest of my releases though.

  6. doom says:

    i see… too bad
    well i guess i should at least thank you for your hard work
    and be thankful that you even done that project lol

  7. Yume says:

    Thanks for great release!

  8. Messy says:

    Well if the files were uploaded to Bakabt i’m sure there would be plenty of seed.

  9. xgraphy says:

    On episode 4 (on 720p at least) there are missing fonts for dialogue and TS.
    Willing to make another patch?

  10. imran says:

    is torrent is already patched? i mean no need for patching right?

    • Verix says:

      Episode 4 still needs a patch after the batch. Mediafire removed the patch files, you can get it patched 720p at

  11. imran says:

    what about 1080p? is there any chance i can get patch for epi 4..

  12. Metal Monkey says:

    so wait.. ep 04 is screwed up and the patch for it is unavalible o_O why isn’t the proper patched version part of the regular torrent? That seems very weird to do a batch, then release a patch and not update the main torrent.

  13. imran says:

    so no patch for 1080p. sad :/

    • takatin9 says:

      I don’t have the files anymore to make a new patch but I updated the post with a font pack for episode 4. Install those fonts and it’ll be fine.

      • imran says:

        Thankuuu so much. now the font is same as the other episodes. happy 🙂
        is there aren’t any other pacthes beside this right? i found your BD way better than doki so i want it in pure form not in errors thats way i want to confirm. thanks again…

  14. imran says:

    and one more question can i put these fonts on another series episode? will it work?

  15. Fabs says:

    you can download ep 04v3 here:

    thank deivistik on anidb, he`s the one who uploaded it after I asked him 😉

  16. Paul says:

    Weird, I’m stuck at 97.1% with episode 8. Every other episode is at 100%. Should I try resetting the download for episode 8?

  17. Robert says:

    Could you upload elsewhere the font pack for ep4? I am unable to download at minus. Or if anyone else has it could you upload it and give me a link. Much appreciated/

  18. Tyestor says:

    here’s a link (at the bottom) to a rar with all fonts from every file from this torrent. i have literally no idea which font is the correct one. nobody responds on IRC and all links to the fixed episode 4 and the font pack are dead. so i extracted every font and then merged them all into episode 4. one of them must have been the right one because it fixed the issue/s.!jUoDiCBI!RuQrnTH7XUKRWgGZz3sZ1GOWWHiIvEuLF783gTSJTaY

  19. SolunaKitty says:

    Thanks for the release!

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