Triple HHH 01-03

How am I going to explain why I encoded this…

On second thought, I’m not even going try.

Comparisons (I think this is a good explanation in itself) with Subdesu with my release upscaled with spline36: Here (SFW)

Don’t expect regular releases, I’ll do one when I want to have a good laugh.

Video: 854x480p @ CRF15 (10-bit)

Audio: AC3 2.0

Sub: Subdesu-H (Slightly modified)

Torrent: 01, 02 and 03

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11 Responses to Triple HHH 01-03

  1. Jay-kun says:

    wow this was unexpected XD
    will you do the 4 episode too?

  2. x_x says:

    too bad you’re not doing all that they upscaled, or are you!?

  3. Verix says:

    Wow your release is way superior. I’ll download this for some laughs.

    • takatin9 says:

      I wonder how many people care about video quality of an eroge anime? I’ll probably do an another after I’m done with Chihayafuru and UN-GO.

      • sea says:

        Shikkaku cared, too bad they’re dead.

      • Verix says:

        I remember ANE doing Sora no Iro, but lol no one really archives eroge. If you encode it for practice/fun, people will download and watch it, but probably delete it. It’s rather pointless, I guess.
        I prefer watching any DVD release in properly upscaled 576p, but I guess that’s asking way too much. I think nnedi+spline scaling really makes the image that tiny bit sharper/prettier. DVD MPEG artifacts are a bitch, though.

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