Help me decide the next “retro” project!

The project I planned to encode after Sekirei Pure Engagement is stalled indefinitely because I can’t aquire the rest of the bdmv. I have a few replacement projects for it, but being the indecisive person that I am, I couldn’t make a choice. I’ll need to acquiring the bdmv soon, so a choice have to be made.

The choices are:

Nadesico (whatever Kira is using, I think is R1.)

Air (Uguu) I will wait for Doki 10-bit and see if it is satisfactory.

Basilisk (R1)

Dantalian no Shoka (Whine-subs, very possibly 720p only because of the huge size.)

Please leave a comment about which one you want me to do and it will all the better if you can explain why I should choose one over the others.

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25 Responses to Help me decide the next “retro” project!

  1. Messy says:

    I’m getting Dantalian from Coalgirls, encoded by Tenshi…Well, he said that the BD had a lot of grain so it’s taking a higher bitrate to look good. Some episodes are 1,5gb for 720p, but others are 800mb. I guess that if there’s grain it can’t be helped, but i don’t know really.

    Nadesico doesn’t really interest me, Basilisk seems cool.

    Air is a great series but from what I see uguu and Doki made a bluray version, aren’t they good enough ?

    • takatin9 says:

      IIRC, Dantalian has the most grain in recent anime, second only to Mardock Scamble. So if I encode a 1080p version, it would be 2GB+, so I probably won’t do a 1080p.
      For Air, Uguu is really compressed (CRF20) and I don’t really trust Doki because of their guesslations, even through they modified someone else subs.
      Nadesico is also really compressed too (CRF24) and possibly smoothed.

      So I take it as you want Basilisk.

      • Messy says:

        Well if you think you can make the BEST release for Air then go for it, the series deserves it. It’s just that the Basilisk BD doesn’t seem to have been picked by a team yet so it would be the most useful.

        • takatin9 says:

          I can make the best release of Air, but I see your point of Basilisk too. Also, the fact that the VN may get translated (within a few years I hope) makes me hesitate a bit.

      • randomguy says:

        Doki is not all that bad when they use someone else’s subs. Their encodes are usually better than others (look at their Haruhi Suzumiya) and they also deband properly. Also since they are gonna re-release Air in hi10p, I think you should just leave Air to them and concentrate on other projects.
        And thanks for your releases!

        • takatin9 says:

          Fair enough, I’ll wait for their 10-bit version and see how they filter it. If it’s satisfactory enough, I don’t have to do it (even through I really want to do a Key’s project).

  2. Rilkar says:

    Any chance you could do the Gakuen Senki Muriyo BD?

  3. EBXXIV says:

    nobody else seems to have picked up Basilisk.. XD

  4. NoLifeKing says:

    love to see more of Horizon, but have to wait though

    from your list, i would say Basilisk

  5. Dave Justice says:

    I’d like it if you did Dantalian no Shoka please, mate. The 2 others doing the blurays for this, Coalgirls and tlacatlc6, are both using m.3.3.w which, from what I’ve seen, had more editing and translation mistakes than whine-subs. Whine’s script was just higher quality overall. It made me tingly in places I didn’t even know I could tingle, heh ;P

    Also, in regards to Basilisk would you be using the same scripts that moo-shi used? They made the best DVD version script-wise, although it could use a bit of tweaking to be honest.

  6. ­ says:

    >Air (Uguu)
    Doki are redoing theirs in 10bit using Koi’s subs (Uguu used them as well IIRC)

    >Dantalian no Shoka (Whine-subs, very possibly 720p only because of the huge size.)
    Already a super secret project by a super secret encoder that used to joint with one of the groups that did this show. Retains most of the quality of the grain, file sizes are apparently between 400mb and 1.2gb.

    Although said super secret encoder is also a world class slowpoke and has promised many DVD/BD projects over the years, so don’t hold your breath for him releasing it any time soon.

    • takatin9 says:

      For Air, I’ll wait for Doki 10-bit.
      For Dantalian, as long as someone using Whine or Commie (prefer Whine but Commie is fine too), I’m ok with it. Some grains are gone in the encoding and it’s a tad ugly at places (pic1 Huey’s hair), but I doubt it will be very noticeable in motions and it’s understandable if he want to target that filesize. I’m not that picky about video quality for Dantalian since any encoding will most likely looks worst than the source.

  7. Watari says:

    Hi there,
    first of all, I want to thank you for your Natsume San release and wish you good luck with the Usagi Drop.
    And my vote goes definitely for Basilisk.

  8. miracles says:

    HOw about “heroic age” there is no fansub completed yet with high definition hi10p encoding and releases now that there is not very satisfactory, with some terrible typesetting errors.

    so I really hope you can work on this project.

    Thank you.

    • takatin9 says:

      Here is the breakdown on Heroic Age:

      -The anime doesn’t look interesting to me.
      -It seems that Funi went full retard again on the upscale.
      -I’m not a typesetter and I have zero skill in typesetting.

      So, no.

  9. vask says:

    I personally really like joseole99’s copy of nedesico. With that said I really like your work, my vote would go for basilisk.

    Keep up the awesome releases btw!

  10. miracles says:

    It is unfortunate that you do not want to do the “heroic age”.
    I would like to add a “to-do list” for your project is Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari.

    There was no one doing it and release a decent hi10p

  11. A says:

    I vote for Basilisk. Between that and Nadesico, I’d prefer to watch Basilisk 😉 And bout Dantalian, i’m still stuck at ep4…. don’t really like it i guess :/

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