Usagi Drop vol.3


If Usagi Drop doesn’t awake your father instinct, I don’t know what will.

Just one more volume left. T_T

Video: 1080p @ CRF16 (10-bit), 720p @ CRF 15 (10-bit)

Audio: FLAC 2.0 (16-bit), AAC 2.0

Subs: Taka (main), Oyatsu (kara, specials)

1080p: Torrent ll DDL

720p: Torrent ll DDL

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11 Responses to Usagi Drop vol.3

  1. Verx says:

    Yay :] thanks as per usual!!

  2. Abdude says:

    I’m confused by the episodes’ names and arrangement on the fileserve download link. What do ‘NCED’ and ‘NCOP’ stand for? Wikipedia says that the total is 11 episodes plus 4 bonus episodes, so why do you have over twenty files available for download?

  3. Abdude says:

    Only episode 8.5 is left to make this anime complete, right?

  4. sabran says:

    thanks for your work!

  5. Daz says:

    since DDL’s are pretty much history now, could you re-seed your Usagi Drop torrents? i’ll seed in return 😉

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