Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon vol.1

Delicious blonde is delicious

 You had me at “hello”

That sums up how I felt about Horizon. Just because I like this series so much, I included some untranslated extras with this release as an exception.

Props to Zeroblade for making a comprehensive FAQ of Horizon. It helps understand the anime so much more. You can also find translations for the Sensei’s lesson there.

As always, the 1080p is filtered and I added the ED lyric for episode 1.

Video: 1080p @ CRF16 (10-bit), 720p @ CRF16 (10-bit)

Audio: FLAC 2.0 (24-bit), AAC 2.0

Subs: Commie with ReinWeiss’ modifications

1080p: Torrent ll DDL

720p: Torrent ll DDL

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29 Responses to Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon vol.1

  1. dongs says:

    Watch out for the ReinWeiss versions that are TAN transcriptions and not edited Commie. ReinWeiss is good at editing Commie, but he sucks shit at timing.

    • takatin9 says:

      For the first few episode, ReinWeiss edited the Commie script, than after episode 4, he edited the TAN script directly. I will edited Commie’s script manually at that point, so there will not be any timing issues.

  2. anihvl says:

    so not sticking with reinweiss’s edited tan script episode 5+? 😦

    • takatin9 says:

      No, what I mean was any modifications made by ReinWeiss or TAN will be edited into the Commie script by me. There is no way I will leave Commie’s script unedited. I will revert some changes that Commie did to the TAN script, like “earth plates”.

  3. Messy says:

    Like usual 1080 looks awesome, thank you.

  4. Danuchiha says:

    How do you get the font, what size do you use , and whats it called, cause im trying to use on DirectVobSub (Auto loading) and it comes out wrong

  5. Gustus_Mack says:

    Nice choice of titles. If I buy a new computer, I’ll be back.

  6. Anon says:

    At about 20:45 It should be “dick” and not “!@#$” as the removed the bleep the TV Version had

  7. ondi says:

    Wow, you got the BDMV source :O
    I’ll stick with you for the release.

  8. haiyore says:

    i already asked this on nyaa..
    horizon BD has their official english subtitle, why using fansub group subtitle?
    just asking

    • takatin9 says:

      Because Commie edited the TAN script for better timing, typesetting, fonts, songs inserts and they made the script flows better. They didn’t translated the anime from scratch, they made the official sub better, hence I pick Commie over unedited TAN.

  9. Kana-D says:

    Wait. You’re using ReinWeiss’ script, but Commie’s timing, right? I hope you are. Seriously.

    But you might want to hold off since I believe ReinWeiss will modify his script (v2 basically) for groups who’ll use his script for BD releases.

    • takatin9 says:

      For the first 4 episodes, I’m using Commie’s script modified by ReinWeiss. After that, I’m using Commie’s script and use ReinWeiss’ modifications as reference.

      • Kana-D says:

        By reference, you mean you’ll modify Commie’s script to exactly how ReinWeiss has it modified as, right?

        • takatin9 says:

          I’ll be changing the terminologies (like the armaments of deadly sins) and add back the honorifics. Everything else will be left the same as Commie has better phrasings.

  10. anon says:

    Did you leave Commie’s moving text? Because the show is a lot less entertaining without those.

  11. FlameHaze says:

    This comment is taken from FireBird on Hiryuu’s website.
    “Nope, the font issue I was talking about was that several of the fonts would default to Arial if you didn’t have them installed on your machine – even though they were muxed in. Fonts issue caused by a bug in mkvtoolnix 5.1.0 (we’ve gone back to the relative safety of 3.4.0 again!)”

    I’m was having the same font problems with kamisama dolls up until your most recent release of volume 4 & this release. Just thought I’d let ya know & for people that have that problem.

    • takatin9 says:

      The font issues for Kamisama Dolls vol.1-3 & Usagi Drop vol.1 was me being a total noob and forgot to mix in the fonts, not the mkvtoolnix 5.1 bug, but as a precautionary measure, I gone back to 3.4.0 too. I’ll fix those volumes in the batch.

  12. Hida Man says:

    I wonder, is each BD volume released going to contain one episode?

  13. techguru says:

    anyone know who ReinWeiss is
    I do the exact same thing as him and wanna start working with him
    trying to find contact details

  14. Edward says:

    A lot of the torrent links are producing “that torrent does not seem to be in the database” messages.

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