Kamisama Dolls Specials 01-03

Putting them to work!

Again, thanks to Dmonhiro for translating and did the TS for the specials.

I fixed the missing fonts from the special 01 as well as some typos.

For the other releases with missing fonts (KD vol.1-3 & UD vol.1), they will be fix in the batch.

Video: 1080p @ CRF16 (10-bit), 720p @ CRF 16 (10-bit)

Audio: FLAC 2.0 (16-bit), AAC 2.0

Subs: Dmonhiro

1080p: Torrent ll DDL

720p: Torrent ll DDL

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2 Responses to Kamisama Dolls Specials 01-03

  1. Messy says:

    Will there be a patch for the missing fonts ? I don’t really want to download them again just for that 😀

    • takatin9 says:

      No, sorry. I’ll put up a changelog so you can judge if you want to re-download it or not.
      I won’t be making patches mainly because I’m lazy and occupied as is. I’ll welcome anyone who want to make patches for others through.

      I take it back, making patches isn’t as troublesome as I initially thought, so there will be patches.

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